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Mar. 31st, 2006 | 01:52 am
posted by: rxjessica in ninja5tyl3

So I played Halo by myself for the first time in forever... Which means I got to play a little rumble pit.

I play for a minute when I hear "killing spree". Holy cow, I couldn't believe it because soon thereafter I hear "Running Riot". OMG, it's been months since I've even played and in my first week back I get a "running riot".

I got killed shortly thereafter, but not before I got to feel the thrill that comes with being on a roll and wondering if it will end. It's like the rush you get during foreplay... This wonderful tingling that you know is leading to something great, you just wonder how long the rush will last.

I had forgotten how great it can be!!!

But anyways, i just got done watching a movie and it's about bedtime for bonzo. Goodnight all :P

Link | 53T UP TH3 B0MB |

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